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  1. CryptoObfuscator - Build 200506: AutoPatch + License .Net Assembly Code Protection & Obfuscation Automatic Exception Reporting Optimization & Performance Improvement Smaller & Simplified Deployment Use Advanced Obfuscation Techniques to ensure best protection for your code & intellectual property Avoid Common Obfuscation Problems using intelligent rules and automatic exclusions. Have A Simple UI - no complex settings required. Integrate Seamlessly in your build process. Perform Super Fast obfuscation. Cross Assembly Obfuscation Symbol Renaming Advanced Overload Renaming String Encryption Constant Value/Array Encryption Control Flow Obfuscation Code Pattern Masking ILDASM Protection Anti-Reflection Protection Anti-Decompiler Protection Method Encryption (Hide And Virtualize MSIL Code In Methods) Method Call Hiding Advanced Tamper Detection Advanced Anti-Debug & Anti-Tracer Protection Resource Encryption & Compression Assembly Embedding, Encryption & Compression Digital Watermarking For License Tracking Metadata Reduction Remove Constant Field Values Runtime Performance Optimizations Download and Patch Executable Download: [http://www.ssware.com/cryptoobfuscator/cryptoobfuscator.exe] 1.) You'll need to create a text document and rename the file to 'Autopatch.cmd'. 2.) After you're done, and the file is renamed, right click to edit & paste the following code into the file: https://pastebin.com/HfLAjFwp 3.) Run AutoPatch.cmd in installdir as administrator. Now, run CryptoObfuscator and enter the following License: lgCAACCAwbkGJ9YBdQBOYW1lPUNyeXB0b09iZnVzY2F0b3IjQ29tcGFueT12MjAyMC54I0 VtYWlsPWNyeXB0b0BvYmZ1c2NhdG9yLmluI1N1YnNjcmlwdGlvbj1GYWxzZSNTdWJzY3Jp cHRpb25WYWxpZFRpbGw9MzEtRGVjLTIwOTkBBykFkPYbpZ54EM8lu6H/2qWvh6SGjiofVg NuLdpeKEs/BQe/q/bFclKjhAlArWSHn8DgIa3KT3O4t66Ynv/oXZHaKDYlYgjdOCBuNAYs ieGevvSue0nwE5Ii2B/o6ll9b2Fg3aU8W+b/hwbI7DkXW9dRCgy+wCszTl8KV2TVbemr Note: AutoPatch requires FREEWARE command line tool "sfk189.exe" in C:\Windows or installdir [https://sourceforge.net/projects/swissfileknife/files/1-swissfileknife/] This is an opensource file and all downloads are from official website that distributes the software, having zero 3rd party download links included, I have not added a virustotal as there is not keygen or crack executable involved. You may test the base software for it's legitimacy if you do not believe me or feel unsafe downloading them.
  2. hell yes, more edgy profile pictures to add onto my existing collection 🙃
  3. Awesome, was looking for a way to hone my skills, gracias bud.
  4. was looking for a way to become more of a generic HvH competitor, appreciated.
  5. about to pull up with dem good pictures, thanks.
  6. CyberGhost v6.5.0 Simply follow the instructions located below in order to install this functional version of the CyberGhost VPN. Installation Download the file by replying to the thread, likes appreciated. Using the provided Installer, select and setup CyberGhost to your choice of directory After installation has been complete, open task manager and kill all processes of CG Navigate back to the downloaded file and into the 'Crack' folder, copy & paste into the directory you installed CyberGhost inside of After you've moved the files correctly, re-launch the CyberGhost executable and you should have a lifetime of premium, congratulations!
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