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Marketplace Rules

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These are to be followed at all times, failure to do so may lead to you being banned from our forum or warned

1. You can bump your post every 24 hours.

2. We will not be held responsible by any kind of deals that occur.

3. If any kind of issue occurs with a deal open a scam report and staff will take the appropiate action in regards to the issue.

4. You're not allowed to sell anything that is already public and free.

5. Do not advertise your product on someone elses thread.

6. If the product is no longer being sold please contact a member of staff to get it removed from our marketplace

7. Do not complain about the sellers price, if you do not like it don't buy it.

8. If the product is a one time thing and is sold add [SOLD] to your thread title.


You can earn the verified seller role if you are known by a member of staff who has personally used your service and can verify that it is legitimate.



To make sure you're always contacting me on Discord ask me to PM you on the site.

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